Reviews of Little Monster Mark

Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson

I enjoyed reading this book. The text and colorful illustrations helped make it fun to read. But, most of all, I like the way Mark learned a valuable lesson about how to appreciate his family.

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Robin Leigh Morgan

This book was read via an Amazon KINDLE Unlimited download. As an adult I found the story this book has to be quite charming and moralistic designed to subliminally communicate an important lesson to its young readers. Children, usually boys, tend to have a behavior which is essentially improper and bad. They donít want to listen to anything their parents have to say let alone value their parentís caring and love for them. They enjoy being a mischief and trouble maker and occasionally even wanting to have parents more to their liking. Mark is one such boy whose behavior goes unabated until one night, in a dream, he wakes up in a home with a different set of parents and siblings. Everything here is more to his liking; from the food heís getting for breakfast to the way his family relates and interacts with each other. However, soon afterwards he realizes that what he has now is not the changes he wanted to have, and wishes he could have everything the way it used to be. It is not this point he wakes up from his sleep totally changed. Heís grateful to have old family back. He loves his parents and listens to everything they tell him to do. He now appreciates having the siblings he has and plays with them the way he should and now behaves the way he should have for a long time. The book is enhanced by the beautiful color illustrations which have been perfectly match to the words surrounding them. In the end, for having given my inner-child a delightful, meaningful book to read; my inner-child and I have given the author, Anders Nells, and the unknown illustrations 5 STARS.

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Anders Nells has created a wonderful Children's book that is very entertaining and has some valuable lessons for your children as well. The story reminds me a bit of the film Coraline, where an unhappy child finds a strange new parallel world, only to soon discover that they were happy in their own home all along. There is some element of horror in it, but that is very small and there is nothing that your child can't read here. What I really like about this book are the illustrations.

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